Beis Din of Milwaukee בית דין צדק דמילוואקי
Beis Din of Milwaukee                  בית דין צדק דמילוואקי

Our sensitivity and commitment to the highest halachic standards offer the public a compassionate and professional Beis Din experience. Conversions, Gittin and confirmations of personal status done by the Beis Din of Milwaukee are recognized by the Chief Rabbinate in Israel and by Battei Din world over.


Although Judaism holds marriage and family sacred, sometimes divorce is the only option. The process of the writing and giving of the Get is done with utmost dignity, respect and adherence to Halacha.


Conversion to Judaism requires serious  life changes and must be done with the assistance and guidance of an Orthodox Rabbi.

Personal Status

The Beis Din issues internationally recognized documentation confiriming Jewish status and eligibility to marry.

Beis Din of Milwaukee
5007 West Keefe Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216

Located in the Milwaukee Kollel

Phone: 414-873-4398



Rabbi Mendel Senderovic

Av Beis Din

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