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Jewish Divorce (Get)

What to know prior to the Get


Generally, the consent of both the husband and wife is required. A Get cannot be executed until the parties separate and live in different residences. However, the civil divorce need not be completed before the delivery of the Get.


The Get makes no reference to responsibility or fault. It has no bearing or effect on any aspect of the civil settlement and does not subject either party to personal questions. As long as there is mutual consent, there is no need to state the grounds for divorce.


Scheduling an appointment


The Beis Din meets on a regular basis to execute Gittin at our Milwaukee location. Gittin can also be scheduled in cities throughout the US and Canada as needed. Please contact our office for more information and fees.


Please allow up to one and a half hours for the Get.


The Get process

After the parties acknowledge that they are acting of their own free will without coercion, the husband authorizes the scribe to write the document and the witnesses to sign it.


The document is then written and signed. This generally takes up to 45 minutes.


The signed document is then presented to the wife by the husband in the presence of witnesses. Once she accepts it, the divorce takes effect immediately and is final.


In situations where direct contact between husband and wife would present difficulty, either due to geographic or other constraints, the process can be effected by the use of a proxy or power of attorney. Although it is still necessary for each party to appear in person, the transfer of the Get is done by an agent appointed by the husband. Thus, it is possible to arrange for a Get without any contact whatsoever between husband and wife.


What does the Get cost?

The fee for a standard Get, where both parties are present, is $500. Higher fees apply when the Get is delivered by agent, when travel is required, or for other special circumstances.


Documentation to present


Ketuva (religious marriage document), if available.


Civil Proof of Marriage, such as, marriage license or final divorce papers.


Official ID, such as driver’s license or passport.


If a Get has been issued for a prior marriage, a copy of the P’tur (Certificate of Divorce).



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